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New Web Design Trends

images (15)Let’s take a quick look back over 2013. For once, Microsoft company and The apple company actually decided on something. Thanks to the release of Microsoft windows 8 and iOS7, the direction has been designed for new, interesting styles in the design globe. Gone are the days of developers making things ‘pop’ off the site, filling up websites with long copy, and using dull colors. Let’s look into the crystal ball and see where the long run of web design is advancing…

Flat, not fat
The uber-cool ‘flat’ design has lately become the style of choice among designers in the know. It has changed skeuomorphism, where incorrect designs, gradients, and drop-shadows create a large 3D impact, with developers instead favoring a more older, simple design. Saturated blocks of shiny fluorescent colors, simple symbols, and concentrate upon typography are now praised. 2014 will only see this design develop and gain recognition.

Less is more
This ‘flat’ style gives itself to simplicity. Less on the website is far more attractive to the customer. It makes the page’s material much easier to process. Watch out for a removal of mess on the site and more empty space, which is only going to become more obvious in buy. Minimalism allows a greater concentrate upon material and copy – which will consequently become more compacted and important, distilling information right down to their primary.

Reach for responsive
With mobile phones and tabs taking over the globe, sensitive websites are pretty much crucial these days. They really impact design, just as applications have been a major impact. A desire for simple websites with large control buttons that are touch-friendly are now in requirement, as are bigger print designs with attention-grabbing news. In 2014, we could see sensitive websites being designed together with – if not, before – websites for PCs and notebooks.


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