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Logo Design Trends In 2014

images (1)An organization logo is a primary thing, which describes a product and symbolizes an organization. Thus, it is the essential element, which decides the viewpoint of an organization. The existing conventions are damaged and professional developers have come up with new styles in organization logo developing. Amazing styles can increase the site’s reliability. It can make an identification for the product and lead to immediate identification. However, creativeness, originality, uniqueness and wonderful images are always in fashion. We can find creativeness at its best in the amazing organization logo styles that have progressed in 2014. It will not shock us, if it never goes out of fashion.

1. 3D in 2D

The impact of 3D is always greater than 2D and this style includes a 3D design in a 2D way. The images are not third perspective, but along with mixture is done in such a way that it makes a highly effective 3D impact.

2. Overlaps

This style includes things to overlap into each other yet making a wonderful development in the end. It is able of including depth to the style, which makes it more exciting if worked on along with mixture properly.


3. Negative Spacing

This style is quite popular among the developers, as it gives an easy touch to the images. It makes wonderful images in easy ways. The style is created by carving out the white area from the black area and is able of developing unforgettable, exciting, and significant images.

4. Double Impact

Two distinct shades are used to produce this amazing and influential organization logo. This dual impact style is sure to get audience’s attention and make the users look at them twice.

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