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Search Engine Optimization(SEO)

What is it?

SEO is no human being and it is just another blessing of advanced technology. It helps the searcher to get the perfect result which he/she is looking for. It provides us with the links of all the sites related to a particular keywords or keywords.

SEO may consist of different types of search:-

  • Image search
  • Industrial search
  • Local search
  • Video search
  • Academic search
  • News and current affairs search



Types of SEO







(by mixing black and white)


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It can be done in two ways :

On page & off page

The SEO works in a certain way, the keywords are very important and also the types of searcher. The targeted audience are always kept noticed. By promoting a site, back links are increased also. The leading search engines now are Google, yahoo, etc. They generally use algorithmic methods. Related pages also come along so that searcher does not have to face any kind of trouble and get all kinds of keywords possible.


Many methods can increase the rate of prominence in a site such as updating the site every now and then suggest other related links, etc.

White hat versus black hat techniques

White hat SEO s gives results which lasts long generally whereas Black Hat ones give results of sites which may be banned. A white hat generally follows a search engine’s guidelines.

Black hat one doesn’t follow any guideline and often violates them in order to gain higher rank. Search engine may ban sites if it once discovers that it is using black hat methods. Black hat may also mislead the searcher.

Though SEO is not really a popular marketing strategy still it’s now being considered as an important one. But it may give a considerable ROI or return on investment. Though SEO s are not really paid for their work, but still a lot of customers depend on them. It helps a site get more traffic than others and gain a lot of customers and a good rank.


This includes

  • Content
  • Keyword
  • And more about the website

The keyword search is the most important. Any topic has got certain keywords and you don’t really need to write a full sentence or question. Keywords should be appropriate though other of its kinds are also shown. Being specific also helps. SEO company lists your site according to your keywords. Over usage of keywords also creates spam.


Other questions that come with SEO are like how does it work, is it beneficial, etc.


  • How does it work?


Search engines are no human and hence they are text driven. Search engines perform various activities like indexing, calculating and processing to get the results.


At first the search engine crawl the web and search for the results that can be found in relation with the keyword. It is generally done by a crawler which is software. They crawl from one site to the other and find out things. Then they index the task and calculate it.


After that they process the thing and then present it in front of customers.


Various tutorials and tips are available on the net in order to get a good rank in SEO which should be followed.


It may happen that a crawler may take days or months to reach one’s site and can never get a good rank.

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