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Off-page SEO Tips – Simple Tips To Grab Quality Backlinks

off-page-seoTo kickstart your off-page SEO campaign, we’ve gathered some of the tricks that are traditionally used for building these SEO properties – called backlinks. These strategy has been used by a lot of marketers worldwide, and proven to be a highly effective strategy to spread some good backlinks juice. Off-page SEO properties are built outside the website itself, therefore require softwares to done it effectively.


Social Bookmarks

Backlinks from social bookmark sites such as Digg, Pinterest, Delicious, StumbleUpon, Reddit, are deemed as a fairly good quality backlink by Google itself. While many webmasters are just throwing their site link into these social bookmarking sites, but user interactions inside them proven to be worthy and drive good amount of visitors too.

Article Directories

Article directory serve as a platform to introduce a site to large mass of user – especially writers – by writing articles and leaving our site link. In other term, it’s called guest blogging. The backlink property plus the readership of these article directories making it effective to drive visitors to your site.

Website Directories

One traditional route in off-page SEO that most webmaster rarely do nowadays is to submit their site to large website directory. While it doesn’t serve readership like the article directory, these web directories could bring major impact on your overall site traffic as an addition to your backlink juice.

Active Forums

Forum as one of the most interactive media on the internet could be used to start a thread or even just to post comments on threads and leave with the signature given link to your site. Any SEO software should handle this posting jobs in no time. However, you may want want to put natural treatment on it since the active users are human afterall, and may treat your link as a spam. Either way it still serve as a decent backlink property nowadays.

Social Networks

Social media rises to play a bigger key in SEO elements more than ever. Google treat your presence in social media, especially Google Plus wholeheartedly and see it as a big factor. Google’s search engine algorithms today include social media, since the mass, real virtual conversation and communication happen here. It’s a gathering place for everyone throughout the world, and the user are the one that Google considers a real human visitor that counts

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