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Three Ideas To Make Your Messages Go Viral

Every business needs to get the word out but how do you manage to make your message spread like wildfire? Here are three ideas that can result in your message going viral.

Relate your Product or Service to a Really Good Story

If there’s one thing that can get a whole lot of people talking, it’s a great story! People love telling stories as a story taps into emotions, it’s relatable and it makes for a great conversation. If you can relate your product or service to a really great story, there’s no doubt whatsoever that people will sit up and take notice and in a big way.

A storytelling method that can work very well is to take a personal approach. This is actually quite simple to do as you just need to “walk” people, step-by-stop through a painful problem you experienced and how you achieved the results your readers are looking for.

For example, if you sell a skincare product that gets rid of embarrassing rashes you could tell your readers on your blog or landing page about all the shame and embarrassment you went through when trying to find a product that actually worked. You can then proceed to explain how you came upon the product you sell and how it has provided you with relief from the embarrassment and humiliation you felt having a rash on your body. By walking your readers through the worst parts of the problem which is exactly the type of problem they have and then leading them to an answer (your product) you will make sales and prompt your readers to share your story with others on social media channels.

Do Something Totally Unexpected

A great way to get people to notice you is to do something completely unexpected. Instead of doing what every other marketer does which is to promote your product or service in an attempt to make it look trendy or cool, try something totally “outside the box”. You could accomplish this by making a few fun, humorous videos which completely catch viewers off guard. A good example of this is the diaper-clad dancing babies commercials a leading drinking water brand produced. This particular campaign was uploaded to the company’s YouTube channel wherein the videos quickly got views into the tens of millions. If you can afford to do so, hire a forward-thinking video production firm to produce a series of videos that are off-the-cuff, surprising, shocking or hilarious and which relate to and highlight your products or services.

Promote Sharing

No message is going to go viral unless put a lot of effort into making it very sharable. Don’t put restrictions on who can share your message but rather allow everyone to share your content by making it downloadable, embeddable and sharable on all the major social media channels. Even let people share your messages via email and tell them it’s fine to publish your content on their websites for a link back to your site as no message is going to go viral unless you encourage sharing. It’s also important to connect with your audience by allowing comments that you respond to in order to keep conversations about your message alive.

Whether you’re a retailer who’s about to launch an innovative new product or you own a website for tenant services, there’s no doubt you’d love to see your message go viral on the internet.


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