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How To Use LinkedIn To Grow Your Dental Practice

If you’re a dentist who isn’t among the over one million medical professionals who are actively using LinkedIn in the United States, you should know that you’re missing out. Now is the time to take advantage of the largest professional network in the world because LinkedIn is far more effective for lead generation than both Facebook and Twitter.

LinkedIn provides you with many opportunities to network with other medical professionals and potential patients who are looking for information about oral health. Here are three ways to market your dental practice on this powerful professional networking site.

Optimize your Profile

The first order of business when devising a LinkedIn strategy is to optimize your profile. You will need to set your profile, expand upon your experience in a summary, add skills and expertise, your educational background and professional & personal interests. When you take the time to completely fill out your profile, you will get the added bonus of showing up in search results due to the number of relevant keywords you use so don’t short-change yourself right from the start. Instead, take the time necessary to create a complete, professional-looking profile that includes a quality photo of yourself.

Get Connected and Join Groups

Now it’s time to begin adding other professionals to your network. A good way to start is to add friends, colleagues, partners and peers you already know by syncing your email with LinkedIn. Then you can start looking for other reputable dental professionals in your area that would like to connect with you.

It’s important to join popular dental-related groups on LinkedIn. This will provide you with the opportunity to start conversations about what’s being discussed and to help answer questions posed by others in the groups you’ve joined. Being involved in groups could even prove very beneficial if you happen to be selling a dental practice. So take the time to research some popular groups to join as they can be a real goldmine as far as marketing is concerned.

Post Regular Content

It’s important to post content to LinkedIn regularly. However, it can be challenging to find something new to post about. One way around this is to set up Google Alerts so you’re notified via email about news, developments or human interest stories in your field of expertise. You can then post updates with links to these articles while including a short comment from your practice. Then invite your followers to post their responses on your profile.

Expand Your Network

You should have a “follow” button on your website so your site visitors can connect with you on LinkedIn as this is a good way to build your network. You also could add your profile page’s URL to your business cards, brochures, email signature, newsletters and other marketing materials you make use of. And don’t forget to ask your staff, patients and business associates to follow you and to share your status updates with their own followers on LinkedIn and on the social media channels they use.

When you are actively involved in LinkedIn marketing for your dental practice, you’ll be able to expand your reach by attracting new patients. You also can establish a personal brand identity around your practice to turn yourself into a valued asset instead of just another face in the crowd.


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