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4 Tips for Integrating Social Media on Your Website

As the owner of a website, it’s important that you realize the sheer power of social media. Social networking platforms like Facebook, Google+ and Twitter can be powerful marketing tools if you know how to use them correctly. When you properly integrate social media into your website, you will be able to drive transactions and make valuable connections with your customers. Here is a quick guide to help you integrate social media on your website.

Choose the Social Networks You want to Use and Sign Up
The first step you need to take is deciding what social networks to sign up for. If you run a bar, restaurant or retail shop, sign up for Facebook. It would prove beneficial to your SEO efforts to sign up at Google+ as being active there could help your site get a good position on search results pages. Twitter offers a good way to reach out to prospective customers as many people use Twitter to find information about products and services they’re interested in buying. Once you’re signed up for the social networking sites you plan to integrate into your website, you need to focus on generating as many followers as possible. This way, every time you post something new, it has the chance of being shared and talked about across various channels online.

Let People Know You’re Using Social Media
It doesn’t make any sense to maintain accounts at social networking sites if no one knows you’re active on social media. Once you have your accounts created and have begun to post content, place an announcement on your website to let people know what social media channels you’re using. Entice your website visitors to visit your page by offering a special deal for becoming a fan or follower. If you’re using a professional web design service, have them place social media buttons in the header of your site and on each separate page. In order to encourage people to share info about your products or services, make a practice of continually adding fresh, interesting, keyword rich content to your website.

Use Social Media Management Tools
To make it easier to manage your social media campaigns, make use of a couple of social management tools. Some of these online tools are designed to help you engage your followers so you can respond to them quickly in real time. Others work like email so you can see your social messages in real time wherein you can open them to find out who sent them to you. Some are even optimized to help you locate customers in your area who are using social media. Take the time to explore some of these social management tools so you can choose the one that’s right for you.

Use Google Analytics
A good way to keep tabs on how people are using your social buttons is to make use of Google Analytics. This tool will tell you how many people are clicking on your outbound social media links. If you’ve never used Analytics before, take an hour or so to read through a step-by-step guide that explains how to use this powerful tool. If you discover that not many people check out your social outlets once they’re on your page, maybe you need to tell your professional web design service to put your social share buttons in a more convenient location.


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