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Ideas To Generate Viral Buzz With Interesting Content

It is every marketer’s dream to generate a viral buzz that results in thousands or even millions of website hits. But generating viral content is not a walk in the park as there is a lot of great content on the web that you have to compete with. A whole lot of the content that makes up the world wide web is well-written, interesting and intriguing. So how can you stand out from the crowd?

Make Your Content Shareable

It doesn’t matter if your content is good enough to win you a Pulitzer prize if no one knows it exists. This is why you need to make your content sharable. When you post a great article on your site or blog, be sure to have some ‘Share’ buttons near the article so your readers will want to share your content with people they know. The power of shared content is undeniable so add those “Tweet This”, “Send to Facebook” and “Pin It” buttons to each and every blog post and article you create.

Ask Industry Experts to Offer Their Insight

Every industry has its experts who are the movers and shakers that everyone in your field knows. Think of an intriguing topic in your niche and then ask a few well-known experts to offer their insight about it. For instance, let’s assume that you’re a car accident attorney. You could ask several expert attorneys to offer their views on how to best handle a first-time drunk driving charge. One attorney may say to pursue a plea bargain while another may advise to challenge the field sobriety tests.

Create Surprise By Offering Readers Something Unexpected

It’s very easy to fall into a trap of communicating the same way day in and day out. The greatest impact you can make with your content is to create a sense of surprise by giving your readers something they never expected. You could write a personal piece about yourself that digs deep and lets people know about some personal struggles you’ve been through or challenges you’ve overcome.

Use Humor

A great deal of viral content is funny content. Humor is universally appealing and it can do wonders for your website or blog because it’s inherently sharable. Think about the last thing you shared on social media. The chances are pretty good that it was something that tickled your funny bone. By injecting some good humor into your blog posts and articles you could see your content go viral so look at popular, trending topics in your industry and then write about them in a humorous manner. Humors may help you succeed in getting your content to go viral that can be used by anyone from local auto accident attorneys to online clothing retailers.

Show Some Emotion

When you show some emotion through your content, people will be better able to relate to you. Blog posts which are emotion-filled tend to be shared more often than flat, ‘information-only’ blog posts. It can be difficult to let down your barriers even if you are incredibly passionate about a topic but if you can pull it off and show your emotional side, you stand a good chance of creating a viral buzz with the blog posts and articles you create.


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